Here are some testimonials from Companies that have worked with us and the feedback received from them.

I have now been a client of Maisy’s for coming up to 6 months now, she is our business advisor. Maisy has been such an asset to our business, she has helped us to streamline our processes and stay focused on our plan of expansion. Her wealth of experience and her list of contacts is amazing. She is well priced and works around your life, I.e I have two young children and was often nursing one in the first few months Maisy came but she just takes it in her stride. She is a real joy to work with and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough

Holly CrippenOwner - Sugar Crave
Testimonial for Maisy Owen, of MO Management. Due to events beyond our control last year, combined with personal issues I was dealing with and business expansion I eventually hit a wall. Atypically of a (relatively) young man in business, I assumed asking for help was a sign of weakness, as if I should know immediately the answer to all different types of business issues. As confident as I am, I went into a bit of a shut down. After a 1-2-1 with Maisy I was given a clear, to the point plan to move forward. We have so far had the one session, and I must admit at times I felt like I should have been lay on a chair, whilst I was ranting and moaning about grievances in business, ‘venting’ my problems to somebody who understands. The best thing was the on the spot ideas Maisy put forward, as well as taking the sentiment out of each of my moans, then coming up with a concise plan of action. Its early days, however with the fire back in my belly and Maisy’s help I see a good road ahead. I look forward to our monthly sessions and can see them becoming bi-weekly as the business, and in turn challenges grow. Thank you for your work so far Maisy, I really do appreciate it and look forward to working together in the future.

Danny BlandOwner - Julian Bland Ltd
Maisy came to work with Visyon’s Senior Leadership Team at a time when the organisation was facing significant challenges arising out of the economic downturn and subsequent cuts to services and funding. The organisation badly needed to re-position itself to ensure that we were fit to face the future. We needed to develop a new business model that ensured we could thrive without compromising our charitable purpose.

Maisy facilitated a business planning seminar with the Visyon Senior Leadership over one and a half days. There were some strong personalities sitting round the table, each with differing priorities and different ideas about how the organisation should re-focus. Maisy has a limited knowledge of the third sector and yet over the course of the seminar she used her skills as a facilitator and her business acumen to distill the ideas of the team and enable them to reach a consensus. We identified where we wanted Visyon to go and how we were going to get there!

Her patient facilitation enable us to develop a new direction and build a new business plan that ensured Visyon would be fit to face the uncertainties of the next three years.

Visyon would recommend Maisy to any business that needs help finding the way forward, and let’s face it that’s pretty well all of us.

Gervase McGrath CEO Visyon
Having run Complete ECO Ltd a specialist energy strategy company for the last 6 years or so it was time to move the business to the next level in terms of success.

As with most people who choose to start their own business the opportunity to do your own thing in your own way and not be told what to do by an overbearing boss is very appealing. Now time served and successful in what we do the thought of having outside eyes prying into every corner of the business was daunting.

Business coaches, Life coaches, Doctors, Guides and consultants where do you start?

It has to be choose an individual who has walked the walk previously, someone with pedigree and a proven track record, moving on from this how do they conduct themselves with others?

The decision made we appointed Maisy Owen from M O Management ticked these boxes and we took our first meeting.
As two directors working at Complete ECO we are polar opposites which is why it works for us, this said it doubled the chance of a business coach not fitting in.
That first meeting, a fact find for Maisy was superb and set the standard going forwards. We are now 5 to 6 months in and some big topics covered, and big issues dealt with. We are now refining various areas of the business taking out cost, wasted time and building more success. Both directors have a confident respect for Maisy and her approach and commitment towards our company.
What could have been a painful process is actually quiet satisfying bordering on enjoyable it is certainly proving successful. Even though our new journey is only just started the wins we have already had are securing our future. Our experience thus far allows us to refer Maisy with complete confidence and we absolutely would not hesitate to put her forwards.
Thank you Maisy for all of you support, suggestions and experience.

Dave SkeelsDirector, Complete Eco Ltd
Dedicated, professional, precise, attentive, resourceful, will get a job done…

So many words to describe Maisy, but quite simply, she is brilliant!

Perfect for me in being able to hand off the full operational aspects of running one of my former companies, and knowing it was in good hands. Maisy was able to steady a shape, seek different avenues and Implement a new structure.

Would highly recommend Maisy into anyone’s business, sectors do not matter to someone that has such business acumen and a drive to succeed.

Carl BoultonBusiness Owner & Investor
I have been in business just over a year and have been overwhelmed with the amount of success l have had – so much so, that l did not have a ‘Plan B’ to move my business forward to the next level!
I met Maisy through a business group and asked her to come and review what l was currently doing and to try and identify key areas of improvement. She helped me put together a strategy to, not only be able to control the growth of my business, but to be able to shape the different opportunities that are coming my way.
She was thoughtful, considered, knowledgeable and very astute and has put a plan together for me to follow. She is also supporting me through this new chapter of my business, at a rate that my business can afford, and l now feel more aware of which direction l am going!
I would highly recommend Maisy’s calm attitude and experience in helping businesses to develop to their full potential.
Zoe DayOwner - The Small Marketing Company
We met Maisy at a networking event, where she was a guest speaker. So impressed with her knowledge, practical and enthusiastic approach – we asked Maisy to visit us at Credibly Green. We struck up a great business relationship already!!
Jo FrithBusiness Development Executive at Credibly Green
Having been in business for 3 years, our company was entering it’s next phase of growth and identified the need for a strategic business plan. Having met Maisy through a business next work group, we engaged her services in order to seek objective guidance and highlight opportunities for future growth and investment. During the planning phase, Maisy was knowledgeable, astute, engaging and keen to learn and understand the relevant aspects of our business. Which has enabled us to move forward with a clear and positive strategy. The report was completed to a tight deadline, yet presented in a professional manor, fit for purpose and ready to pass on to stake holders and partners within our portfolio. We would not hesitate in recommending Maisy Owen Consultancy to any company, and look forward to working with Maisy in the future during our continued business growth.
Angie RoomeBusiness Partner - Sewprint Ltd
About 2 years ago I attended a networking event, Maisy was the guest speaker. After watching her presentation, I realised that she may be able to help me and asked if we could meet, her first consultation was very detailed and the report that came back was very professional. To my surprise, all this work had been free, her quotation was very clear, and I opted to see her once a month straight away, as she had done such a good job to this point and refreshingly not pushy about working with me. She simply let me read the report and arrive at my own conclusions.

Maisy and I have worked together now for nearly 2 years, each meeting has a full report with actions agreed for the next meeting. This has allowed me to track the growth of my business and has helped develop my strategy for new markets. After a recent review it has become apparent working together has increased my client base by two thirds, much more than I realised. With this increase my profitability has also increased substantially, I am more focused and know where my business is heading. Maisy has managed to make me more accountable in my business and has encouraged me to not only work in my business but on it also, I am delighted with the results she has helped me achieve. I feel more confident about my ability to run my business effectively and efficiently.

I would highly recommend Maisy and her company MO Management Consultancy Ltd for a tailored approach to business.

Kim KellyOwner - Granville Book Keeping Services
I have known Maisy since the beginning of this year as a fellow member of the WiRe network. I have been working with Maisy as a consultant in my business Lily’s Secret Vintage Tearoom for the past 3 months after a personal recommendation from another business contractor.


Maisy’s holistic approach has been a valuable tool for me in my business journey, her common sense approach with an element of hand holding has eased any concerns and I can see her leading the way as I expand the business further during the next 12 months.

Sarah LewisOwner - Lily's Secret Vintage Tearoom
I’ve worked with Maisy for nearly 12 months now and she has really changed my business. Her expertise and knowledge is amazing and I would highly recommend her to help any business to grow.

Lee TaylorOwner - Lee Matthew Creative
I have been working with Maisy for a few months now. She is the real deal with a wealth of experience to call on. Her pricing structure is aimed at small businesses which wouldn’t normally be able to call on other business coaches. Brilliant.

Karl NewtonOwner - Cartridge Cosmos Ltd
This testimonial is for Maisy of MO Management for all of her help and support given to me over the last 12 months.

As a self employed person, running your own business is full of decision making and occasionally you really aren’t quite sure what direction to go in, particularly with new ideas you may have. These decisions can become very stressful.

Before I asked Maisy to help me with my latest project, I already knew that she was the right person to ask for assistance having got to know her through casual discussions at our BNI group meetings and her professionalism shone through.

Our latest Virtual Learning Classrooms seemed like a cool idea and full of potential, but I needed focus and have a clear direction for my potential new market for the product. MO Management have given me that good advice on who to contact/ terms of engagement, set objectives and guided me on the value of our new innovation, plus given idea’s that I hadn’t even thought about!

Maisy took the stress away with good clear advice and has helped keep my mind focused rather than scattered thoughts.

Maisy is fantastic to work with and her enthusiasm humour and support is second to none. I would recommend Maisy to any of my clients as her professionalism and business knowledge is a rare find.

A big thank you from Paul Harrison of Studio One Photography Limited

Paul HarrisonOwner
Myself and Laura have known Maisy Owen from Mo Management
Consultancy since Nov 2017.
After our first Consultation we knew she was the right person to help us to take our new business to the next level.
Maisys professional and individual approach as a business coach is what makes her different. She looks at your business as a whole.
We have listened and utilised Maisys advice in the last 6 months and it has made a big difference to how we now look at our business and we have changed our approach.
Maisy is very flexible with her consultations and is always available by phone or message to give advice as required.
We know Maisy has got our back and will help us to take our business to the next level.

Jill AshtonPartner
Maisy Owen of MO Management are involved heavily in the transformation of JDP Electrical.

We employed Maisy for the skills and knowledge she has shown in our industry with her past achievements. Without question bringing strength, stability and guidance to myself and my team.

We have a monthly meeting, phone and email conversations when I need her to ensure tasks, guidance and goals are met which provides a solid strategy and support to our business.

We are a trade sector business and this is no problem for Maisy’s skill set.
individually tailored advice and highly recommended service from MO Management.

Jason PunshonDirector

Maisy is an intelligent, hard working individual with excellent communication skills. She is a strong and focussed team leader who is not frightened to confront inefficiency or sub-standard practice. In the course of her employment with her previous company, Maisy has led on a number of major projects, many being directed towards winning new business, retaining existing work and generally ensuring that the needs of company clients are appropriately and effectively addressed. In the course of her area, Maisy has gained a great deal of knowledge and experience of just what it takes to run a successful business, indeed, for many years, she has been an integral part of that process.
Maisy is a person of the highest integrity. She is a good manager of people and has a sound knowledge of current employment law and practice. She is, I believe, through her expertise and past experience able to advise , support and add value to any organisation wishing to consult her. I have no hesitation whatever in commending her to you.

Geoffrey C Knupfer MBE Owner, Knupfer Consulting
I have worked with Maisy for a number of years now and have found her highly motivated and methodical in her approach to project planning. Her positive thinking and being a team player has been a key factor in getting the job done.
Maisy has good key communication skills and always understands the needs of the customer. I think Maisy has got a lot to offer with her key skills and companies would benefit from utilising what she has to offer.
Tudor JonesDirector at S&T Systems Ltd
I had the pleasure of working with Maisy when she was tasked with the role of project manager concerning the redesigning of a door security product & forensic deployment system owned by myself so to enable, if attacked, the evacuation of “Smartwater” onto potential intruders. In this time she proved herself to be extremely knowledgeable, conscientious, hard-working and was able to bring the project to fruition in a timely fashion. Following on from this Maisy has offered her professional advice to me with some of these aspects implemented . I think any organisation seeking management consultation will be hard pressed to find a more worthy individual.
Robert SimpsonMD, StranDNA
I have known Maisy for the last 3 years and I have always found her to be a professional, sincere person that has a great deal of knowledge in terms of business and how to develop a brand into an overseas market. I have been present when she has delivered presentations in very pressured environments and it is at this she particularly displayed her ability to work well under pressure and deliver a flawless presentation of herself and the products she was discussing. I would strongly recommend Maisy to anyone wishing to engage with her services albeit office management, project management or just to give solid advice on problems which she often has solutions to due to her extensive experience.
Per SkovhusManaging Director, CTR Secure Services
I unhesitatingly recommend Maisy Owen to any business in need of practical advice and guidance across a whole range of commercial issues. Over her years with SmartWater, she played an invaluable senior role in helping us grow from a small local business to the international, multi-million pound Company we are today. Cool and clear headed under pressure, she has the ability to grasp immediately the essentials of many business problems, create solutions and communicate the resultant advice both eloquently and succinctly. A true professional and, most importantly, Maisy is a genuinely nice person to know.
Phil ClearyCEO, SmartWater
Throughout my business dealings with Maisy at SmartWater, I have always found her to be direct and to the point in her professional work whilst remaining personable and approachable at all times. Maisy is very much a “people person” with great organisational and communication skills and can always be trusted to provide a pragmatic and grounded approach to business dealings. She is a font of knowledge and experience in making business development work in the real world, and I have no hesitation in commending her to any organisation, given the breadth and depth of skills she can bring to bear to any project or business challenge.
Dr Kevin SullivanDirector, PFS Ltd

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