My name is Maisy Owen I provide experienced support to small businesses in a cost effective way.

Working with small businesses owners I have seen how they can find it difficult to take their business to the next level. Often they are time poor and cost conscious and therefore are afraid to ask for help as they feel they won’t have the time to work with someone externally and certainly cannot afford the high fees charged.

I can help with that next phase, offering advice on how to grow and help identify what will be needed within the business to make the growth stable and remain profitable. It can take as little as 2 hours once a month, the process begins with a free 1 hour no obligation consultation to ascertain what will be required.  This is written in a small report and issued with a quotation for you to decide on what you would like to do as your next move.

My experience in Customer Service, Managing Alarm Engineering Teams, Administration, Debt Recovery, Overseas Growth, Business Development & Project Management, has given me a broad and in-depth knowledge which for most small businesses would have a heavy employment cost. As your business adviser I can assist in all of these areas of growth and development.

Since June 2015 I have been running my own business with a passion for helping small and micro business owners benefit from this experience, by bringing me in to help and advise them through the journey that takes a business from small to profitable in a structured way. I have clients from many varied backgrounds in accountancy, legal practice, nutritional therapist, marketing, environmental to name a few.

As you can see from the broad range of clients that have brought me in to help, I can literally work with any business of any size, any budget to help take them to the next phase. Due to the flexibility I can be either booked in weeks, days, half days or hours per week or month. This creates an approach which is  suitable for any size business but still retains my ability to give a bespoke service to each owner.

The beginning of the journey is a free consultation which is written up in a report, identifying where the business is currently, what it wants to achieve and recommendations of how this can be realised. Each meeting thereafter uses the reports as a basis to track how the business is growing, what has worked, what needs to be changed and creates an easy way of tracking the performance over the previous year. The reports can then be used to set the budgets and targets for the following year thus creating a fully reported business plan as the business organically grows in a sustainable way.

I have a firm belief that I have a skills set which could be utilised by companies to help them grow but without the burden of employing the skill and adding it to the overhead. I am flexible and can work at any level within the business to help achieve the agreed targets and objectives which will help the business grow in very cost effective way.

Like what you see?

If you are interested in what we may be able to help, with contact us for a free one hour no obligation consultation so both parties can see what could be achieved.